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If there’s one thing the residents will be excited about are the features and amenities that their community offers. These amenities certainly help comfort you and your love ones from your daily grind – whether from school, office or business. For most of us, a home just not only connotes the structure we all live in but more than that, we also long for the facilities that will keep you relaxed, comfortable and yes, healthy. At Harbour Park Residences, would you believe that 2 floors are allotted for all the amenities? Pretty cool, isn’t it?

For those looking for brand new type of leisure and recreation, within this neighborhood is an open theater that you and your love ones can spend time with and bond as an activity together. Watching a good film under the full moon and stars is surely an awesome treat for everyone.

During weekends, especially summer – both the parents and children would love to swim in the pool. There is a 25-meter adult infinity pool facing the iconic Pasig River so that’s an ultimate high for all nature lovers. The kids have their own place, too, right at their very own kiddie pool where they can play all to their hearts’ content. Families usually swim together as a form or relaxation and breather. So, grab your swimming clothes and bask in the sun. Read your favorite book and sip your tropical drinks as you chill out for a few hours or maybe a day. It’s also noteworthy to mention that there’s a viewing deck with sky garden --- all landscaped roof decks that would surely be refreshing. The views of cityscape will be the perfect backdrop to a day of lounging and bonding.

A lounge with bar area is also part of the amenities in case you want to enjoy the night chilling away with the adults as kids are comfortably placed at home. You may invite friends and relatives to join you, especially if there are special days for celebrations. Just around the corner are the function rooms which can be utilized for other events or milestones, like birthday parties, baptismal parties, graduations, moving-ups, family reunions or intimate gatherings of friends where you need some privacy. Food, karaoke, drinks will surely help you celebrate these special occasions.

We know how difficult it is to look for a trusty, reliable nanny or “yaya” for those newly- married couples starting on a family. Fret not. There is a daycare here where you can entrust your kids before you go to work. You’d be assured that everything would be taken cared of by well-trained staff to handle your kids. Isn’t that a big plus? Some of our new couples have this type of concern so now, you can just sit back and relax and not be concerned over this matter.

Part of the facilities, too, include the playground, usually kid-friendly playgrounds where the children can run to and fro, go around and enjoy the area by themselves. Parents also need not worry since it is within the neighborhood. No need for you to take your kids out there in the mall and let them play in the arcade. The kinds can bond with your neighbors’ kids and what a convenience this is for all families – ‘right?

Lastly, a fitness center is where most residents can go to unwind after a hard day in work or at school. They can flex, jump, run, hop, bend, twist, walk, and do crunches or sit-ups with all the modern fitness equipment available. It will be a great day for bonding, too. Families can do their workout routines together, especially during weekends or holidays where they do not have to rush for work or school. They can take their time making strides in keeping up with their routines and thus, maintain a healthy mind and body. As they say, “The families that work out together stay healthy together.” That should be everyone’s objective. Spending time with your dear ones while keeping you all well and healthy is like shooting two birds in one stone with fruitful rewards in the end.

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